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About J.Bell Photography


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My passion for photography began when I was in college majoring in mass communications.  This passion has stayed with me as both a non-professional and professional photographer for over 50 years.  My company, J.Bell Photography, was established in 1982 and was originally located in the heart of the Silicon Valley area of Northern California where I specialized in small product photography primarily for the electronics industry and retail community.  When I retired I closed the commercial side of my business but still enjoy landscape photography and making an occasional portrait for friends and family.  

My second passion is riding my motorcycle.  I got my first drivers license in 1960 and have been riding for over 55 years. I've owned and ridden many wonderful motorcycles over the years.  My current ride, and probably my last, is a slightly customized (old school style) Harley-Davidson FXDB.  Many of the photos in my gallery were made while out exploring the countryside.  

Pleasing the persnickety palate is a major hobby of mine that I can easily share with others.  I love to cook and sharing meals with friends and family has become tradition.  No, you won't find me on the food network anytime soon but I've included some of my favorite recipes here.   Please enjoy.  

As you can see by my affiliations listed below, I'm an also an avid shooter and enjoy putting holes in targets any chance I get.  I'm also an active supporter of the second amendment.  

Josh Bell, my son, is a non professional, but highly skilled, aviation photographer who specializes in photographs of commercial and general aviation aircraft.  Josh is a private pilot, works in the aviation industry, and is always a welcome contributor to my image library.  Josh is married to a wonderful young lady and they have given me two of the greatest Grand kids you could ask for.  You'll find Josh's work throughout my gallery but the Aviation section is where you'll really discover his unique style.   


Jerry is a decorated Vietnam Vet (Bronze Star) and a member of:

Vietnam Veterans of America - Life Member

NRA - Life Member (National Rifle Association)

GOA - Life Member (Gun Owners of America)

SAF - Life Member (Second Amendment Foundation)

AzCDL - Life Member (Arizona Citizens Defense League)

WVCDL - Member  (West Virginia Citizens Defense League)

AMA - American Motorcyclist Association  - since 1982

Clan Bell North America - A Scottish heritage organization - (Bell Clan Crest and Tartan)


My location:

San Tan Valley, Arizona - about 45 minutes SE of Phoenix 


Comments or suggestions regarding this website should be directed to webmaster@jbellphotography.com