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Questions & Answers

Using an image from my gallery

What is "commercial use" of an image?

Commercial use is any use that brings value to the person or organization displaying the photograph or image to the public.  Commercial usages includes publication in magazines, newspapers, corporate annuals, newsletters, brochures, advertisements, as well as web sites, blogs and e-mail marketing.   Since all images in my gallery are copyrighted,  any commercial use must be licensed by the photographer or agent.   If you would like to license one of the gallery images for commercial use please contact me with your requirements.   I'd welcome having you as a client.   

What is a Non-Exclusive License?

A non-exclusive, rights managed license gives you the non-exclusive right to publish or print an image one time or for a specific time period.  The license fee is based on many factors and may include venue, size of print run, geographic distribution, image size, image quality, and other factors.   J.Bell Photography retains ownership and copyright. 

What is an Exclusive License?

An exclusive use, rights managed license gives you the exclusive right to publish an image for a specific time period.  During that time the image can't be simultaneously used by anyone else.  There are many factors taken into consideration when determining the fee for an exclusive license and may include venue, size of print run, geographic distribution, length of use, image size, image quality, type of exclusivity, and other factors.  J.Bell Photography retains ownership and copyright.  Full image ownership is also available.  Contact Jerry for additional pricing information. 

The majority of our photos will be licensed using only the above methods.

What is a Royalty Free License?

A royalty free license allows you non-restrictive, non-exclusive use of an image.  The image can be published as many times as you want for a one time charge.  J.Bell Photography retains ownership and copyright.   This licensing method may be used for selected stock photos.

Unless otherwise stipulated in our contract, all publication requires credit to photographer and copyright information to be published with photo.  

Can I purchase your digital image files to make prints myself?

No.  My image files are available exclusively for advertising purposes and for publication.  Prints of the images found in our gallery can be purchased by downloading and completing the order form  on the Fine Art and Stock Photo Sales page of our website or by contacting us. 

Displaying an image from my gallery

How should I display my print?

All prints will fade to some degree or another over extended periods of time and may experience minor changes in color.  By following some simple guidelines you can help minimize environmental issues from affecting your prints.  Your prints should be displayed in an area where they're not subjected to direct sunlight.  Ideally, they should be displayed in a frame behind acrylic glazing or glass specifically designed to help keep UV light from affecting your print.  This also seals the print from harmful airborne pollutants such as dust and ozone.   Temperature  and humidity control will also help maximize the life of your print as high heat and humidity have adverse affects on all color prints. 

Why should I use conservation grade acrylic glazing instead of glass?

Acrylic is stronger, more impact resistant, lighter in weight, won't shatter and ,therefore, safer to use in all areas of your home or business.  It is half the weight of glass, and a .125" thickness of acrylic is 2 to 3 times more impact resistant than double strength window glass, 4 to 5 times more impact resistant than standard framing glass.  Even with good packing, glass can break during shipping. Shippers, by the way, won't insure glass.  Of relatively minor concern, but something not commonly known, is that all but the very finest museum quality glass has a slight green tint.  Acrylic does not. 

How do I care for acrylic glazing?

Acrylic is NOT glass.  Do NOT use glass cleaners, 409, any ammonia based cleaner, or any cleaner not specifically formulated for acrylic.  Use any of these products along with paper towels and I guarantee the surface will become cloudy and scratched.  I recommend using a very soft, absorbent, cotton cloth with a cleaner such as Novus1 to clean and protect your glazing.  With proper care, your acrylic glazing will last for many years without surface defects or scratching.

What payment types are accepted?

J.Bell Photography accepts personal and business checks, money orders, purchase orders from government agencies and, upon approval, certain Fortune 500 companies.  I do not accept credit cards at this time.   Please note that shipments may be held until checks clear. 

All prices are in US Dollars.  All pricing and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Please email me at info@jbellphotography.com if you have any questions.  I'll do my very best to answer all inquiries within 24 hours. 


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